Relaxation Massage

Ly Massage Center - Chester New Jersey

Relaxation Massage, also known as Swedish Massage, is one of the most common ways people will reduce stress, relieve the pressures of life, fix sore muscles, and recover from long tiring activity.

Ly Massage Center Room - Chester New Jersey
Massage Room – Chester NJ

Our Relaxation Massage will bring you to a place of tranquility that can only be achieved by a combination of peaceful music, our specially planned massage rooms, techniques that are not only based in thousands of years of history, but also by talented and caring massage therapists.

We offer sessions to meet anyone’s schedule and budget.  Whether you want to stop by during an extended lunch break, or enjoy a 90 minute massage session, we are here to accommodate your needs.  Some of the reasons our clients have listed as reasons they keep coming back are:

The need to drift off and forget the stress of everyday life

  • Sore muscles
  • Therapeutic
  • Friendly, clean and peaceful environment
  • A well needed and deserved escape
  • Counteracts all the sitting I do all day
  • It soothes anxiety and depression
  • Gives me time to sleep
  • It relieves headaces